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WayOut's Whiskey In The Jar, DS, TKN

(Lassic Steely Dan, HSAsc x WayOut's Cats Don't Dance, HTAD1s,c, HRD1s)

dob 2/6/2019

BAER Normal, prcd-PRA clear. OFA prelim Good, normal elbows


Rye is a young dog sired by a dog bred by one of the founders of the ACDCA. Amy Berry of Lassic ACDs bred in conjunction with Esther Eckman under the Blueberry prefix. Starting in cattle dogs in 1965, she has focused on working dogs. After some years of work in ACD rescue, she returned as Lassic ACDs and blended her old lines with So-lo and then, after a trip to Australia, adding in the Geraldmine dogs which she was able to import from Betty Southall who had been breeding dogs for working station use for generations. 

Rye is showing himself to be a very powerful working dog who can handle a lot of pressure with a steady, calm attitude. He has an effortless, ground-covering stride and a lot of presence on stock. He is forward in his work and has a hard bite. 

Rye also loves dock diving!


Rye's mother, Caper, is WayOut bred from the Kuawarri lines and can be seen on her page. 

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