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WayOut Australian Cattle Dogs officially began in 1999 with the arrival of my first ACD, a rescue named Tassel. Prior to that, I had two border collie mixes. My interest in herding dogs began in Wales where I spent time on a farm that utilized Welsh collies to gather and move sheep and cattle. Among the herding breeds, the Australian Cattle Dog appeals to me because of their brains, athleticism, personal devotion and sense of humor.  They have their quirks but, to those of us who love them, no other dog comes close. 


My primary focus in breeding has always been to continue to support the breed as a working breed and to produce working dogs with that same brain, athleticism, devotion and sense of humor.


In a working dog, I select for dogs that want to control the head. Without control of the head, a dog cannot steer the direction and movement of the livestock. My dogs typically have natural balance and fetch, good covering ability and will bite both ends. 


A dog with brains and athleticism also adapts well to a sports or performance lifestyle. Aside from herding, WayOut dogs have gone on to do obedience, rally, agility, lure coursing, barn hunt, scentwork, disc, therapy work, conformation and been beloved pets as well as at least one service dog. 


I am committed to preserving the function of the breed and work hard to seek out and preserve genetic diversity while also selecting strongly for working ability, health, temperament and structure. 


ACDCA Member since 2002

ACDCA Code of Ethics Breeder

AKC Breeder of Merit

AKC Herding trial and test judge (not accepting assignments, license inactive)

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