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WayOut's Incendiary, HSAs, HTAD2s,c, HRD1s, DS

(Ch. WayOut's Grin Without A Cat x Kuawarri n Cwest Watch This)  

dob 1/11/2017


BAER Normal, prcd-PRA Clear, PLL obligate clear, rcd4 obligate clear. OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Pennhip 0.27/0.32.


Rash has a strong desire to fetch and bring stock, and will hang in there with difficult stock applying and releasing pressure as needed. Rash, like his sister, has built in rate. He is an athletic dog and could cut, turn and power off his rear quite quickly. Rash will bite head or heel, but is more of a head dog. He doesn't use much eye, but prefers to wear and use bite if necessary. Rash was easy to pressure out and has a lengthy outrun. Rash is very biddable, but also has the ability to think independently and understands jobs. Once he understands a task he needs minimal direction. Rash was able to work cattle at multiple farms, sheep, and mama sheep with lambs while in Texas and was quick to adjust to each different set of stock.

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