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Broken G Cattle Rustler, HSAs, HTAD1s,c, HRD1s

(Broken G Cowdriving Outlaw Josie x Broken G Cowdriving Dixie)

bred by Billy Gammel

dob 4/6/2018


prcd-PRA obligate clear, PLL obligate clear, rcd4 obligate clear. OFA prelim Good, prelim Normal Elbows, PennHIP 0.38/0.35.


Robber is currently in Texas where she is training and working both sheep and cattle regularly. Robbie is a very athletic, fast, biddable young dog who is comfortable working at a distance. She is pushy if she is allowed to be and, while biddable, she needs to know that she can't get away with things. She is a consistent worker and is comfortable in both large and small areas. She will go to the head but she is not comfortable holding pressure on the head and will give ground when challenged there but will not stop working. She has a strong bite when she uses it but uses a force bark rather than a bite on the head. She will bite heels. 

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