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Stud Dogs

Our primary goal is to support working dogs. We select for working attributes in our breeding program and our boys are available at stud to working bitches to support other people's programs. We require a current, negative brucellosis test. We desire a commitment to breeding functional, healthy, athletic cattle dogs as shown by proven work, health testing and commitment to appropriate puppy care and placements. We ask $500 for the breeding fee plus any expenses associated with travel and/or caring for the bitch while with us and any veterinary expenses needed for the bitch or for the breeding (if any). Alternatively, we may ask for second pick puppy in the litter. The options will be discussed with the bitch owner and agreed upon prior to the breeding. If there are zero or only one puppy born, one rebreeding can be done. Bitch owner still covers all expenses but no second breeding fee is due. We understand, as breeders ourselves, that the bitch owner has, by far, the larger amount of work and we feel that we, as stud dog owners, should not make that work any more difficult than necessary. We reserve the right to decline stud service to any bitch that we do not feel would be complementary to our dogs for any reason. We encourage our puppy homes to keep male puppies intact at least until they can be collected and frozen and we are happy to place puppies into homes where they will be accessible later for work evaluation and possibly breeding. Please note: Our frozen semen, due to its limited supply, has very limited availability by private treaty only and on a case by case basis.

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