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A delight!

Cattle dog people don't often have a chance to buy a book featuring their beloved breed and even less often one both written by and illustrated by long time lovers of the breed. If you haven't yet discovered the charm of this new children's book, Who Will Come For Pup, you are missing a treat. Delightfully illustrated by Mason Hotter, whose personal experience with Australian Cattle Dogs makes each illustration shine through with their personality, and written by Sharon Clymer Landis, based on the true story of her dog, this book is a treasure from start to finish.

The story is perfect both as a book to be read to the very young but also for young readers and the bright illustrations are captivating in their emotion and in details such as the little caterpillar who climbs its way across each page.

Having met Hutch, the Pup of the title, personally, he was every bit as special as this book, and hopefully series, would suggest!

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