YBR N WayOut's Ain't Out Of Time


    (Ch. Redwing's Ain't It The Truth, CD, HSAsc, ROM x GCh WayOut's Quite Contrary)

    bred by Sandy Allen

    dob 10/26/2018


    BAER Normal, prcd-PRA obligate carrier.


    Tiktok is from a frozen breeding to Griffey. Griffey is the product of a line of thoughtfully bred, moderate, correct and very consistent dogs with exceptional temperaments. Tiktok's mother, Lilo, is a sister to Blink and third generation WayOut. Tiktok is a kind and gentle boy who loves puppies. He is currently a gangly adolescent goof. He has not yet been evaluated on stock but I am excited about what he has to offer and look forward to watching him mature.