Ches x Sticky Litter
Five boys, one girl born via c-section on June 17, 2012

Ch. WayOut's Grin Without A Cat
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OFA Good, Elbows Normal
prcd Carrier
BAER Normal
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WayOut's Dancing Barefoot
PennHIP 0.43/0.38
OFA Good, Elbows Normal
prcd Carrier
BAER normal
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Week One: June 18 | June 20 Week Two: June 28 Week Three: July 8
Week Four: July 12 Week Five: July 20 Week Six: July 30

July 20, 2012

The cute one is sent ahead to scout.   

Suddenly ...

"Wait!" cried their mother. "Let's send Moomin off ahead to scout. He is so cute, he won't be in any danger!"

     MacDuff stops Too-ticky from going      with his brother. "Mama said let him      go first!"

"Yes!" chorused the other puppies. "Brave Moomin will go first!"

Moomin took a deep breath and thought very brave thoughts. "It can't be any worse than traveling for minutes to find the Blue Rabbit or sailing in that very leaky basket across the ocean!" he muttered to himself. "But I do get rather tired of always being sent off into danger!" His mother kissed him on the head because he looked so cute as he huffed and puffed in irritation and then sent him on his way.

Moomin fights his way through the jungle.

Little Moomin traveled through the dense underbrush and thick jungle, jumping at every sound. "There certainly are a lot of other creatures out here," he glanced around cautiously. "I hope they think I am as cute as my mother says." He spied a large monster ahead and ran forward happily, "Perhaps the monster can tell me where my father is!"

     Moomin meets a Shmoo Monster.

"What kind of monster are you?" he chirped happily and adorably as the monster investigated him.

"I am a Shmoo," said the monster. "What are you?"

"I am a Moomin!" said Moomin. "I have accomplished many brave tasks and traveled a very long, long way in search of my father so my mother and my siblings can leave the Unknown Land and return home! Perhaps you know the way home?"

Sticky watches over her puppies as they await Moomin's return.

"But this is home," said the Shmoo Monster. "Perhaps your father is around here somewhere, I don't know. You are far too speckly to be one of mine!"

"Goodness!" cried Moomin. "I must go back and tell my mother we are home!"

"I think I will hide," said the Shmoo Monster. "Your mother is a little protective. I am surprised she let you wander away so far!" The Shmoo Monster jumped up and hurried away quite rapidly at the thought of meeting the tiny puppy's mother.


* *