Ches x Sticky Litter
Five boys, one girl born via c-section on June 17, 2012

Ch. WayOut's Grin Without A Cat
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WayOut's Dancing Barefoot
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OFA Good, Elbows Normal
prcd Carrier
BAER normal
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July 12, 2012

Moomintroll made the long journey back to the Blue Rabbit. Strangely, the journey seemed to get shorter each time he made it and this time he crossed the two blankets to the Blue Rabbit's lair in just a brief jaunt which did not even wear him out at all! "Blue Rabbit!" he chortled, happily. "My mother knows about patience and we know about strength! Tell us how to find our father and leave this Unknown Land!"

Moomin leads the way with the Blue Rabbit.

The Blue Rabbit paused for a moment then he said, "You must build three boats and name them the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. You and I will ride in the first boat.

      The other puppies followed after.    

Your siblings will sail in the Pinta and your long-suffering mother will follow in the Santa Maria. We will make a long journey in these boats and when we come to the shore, there will be another, very dangerous task. If you are brave and patient and strong, perhaps you will find your father and be able to leave this Unknown Land."


Moomin took the Blue Rabbit back to his family and they built three boats. Moomin and the Blue Rabbit sailed in the first boat. They both became ill from the waves but Moomin looked very dashing in his nautical scarf and he thought, maybe, that made up for being ill.

His siblings all followed behind in the Pinta. They were a little overcrowded and had a tendency to take on water and splash about. Their mother followed in the Santa Maria.

     Hemulen howls with relief.

Eventually, they all made it to the far shore. Hemulen howled with relief as his little paws again touched dry land.

Groke covers Moomin's back.

"Hush!" said Groke. "We must be quiet and brave and strong and patient and ready for the next task! Moomin, go scout out the adventure and I will keep watch from behind!"

The puppies all spread out and mustered up their bravest, strongest and most patient thoughts when suddenly ...

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