Ches x Sticky Litter
Five boys, one girl born via c-section on June 17, 2012

Ch. WayOut's Grin Without A Cat
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WayOut's Dancing Barefoot
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OFA Good, Elbows Normal
prcd Carrier
BAER normal
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July 8, 2012

Brilliant Hemulen

Much time has passed since the Valiant Puppies first started their quest to learn patience. They tried every day to devote several hours or seconds, whichever was longest, to practicing. After many days, Hemulen had a thought. "I wonder if we are supposed to 'find' patience instead of wait for it here. Maybe we should go look for it!"

Too-ticky thought that was quite clever and congratulated his brother on his brilliance. "Let's go at once! Now that we can see, I am sure we will find Patience very quickly!"

     Groke searches.

The puppies jumped up and began milling about while their mother wrung her paws and tried to keep track of all of them. "I am sure I will lose some of you if you run about in all directions in this Unknown Land," she cried. "I am still not entirely sure I can count to six!"

Groke made a long journey across a Frozen Tundra but found no patience there.

Moomin in pinkland.

Moomintroll went to the Pink Land and thought he might have seen a little patience but he couldn't catch it before falling asleep.

     Sorry-oo finds despair.

Sorry-oo looked for patience in Plastic Valley but he only found despair.

After an extensive search of all the surrounding territory, the puppies heard their mother calling them. "Come back, puppies! I have found what you are looking for!"

Mama knows the secret.

The puppies all tottered home quickly, eager to see the Patience. "What is patience, mother!" they all cried. "Quick! Tell us!"

Sticky thought for a moment and finally said, "I can't explain it to you but I know what it is and that will have to be enough. Go back to the Blue Rabbit, Moomin, and see if he will tell you now how to find your father and leave this Unknown Land."

* *