Ches x Sticky Litter
Five boys, one girl born via c-section on June 17, 2012

Ch. WayOut's Grin Without A Cat
CHIC | PennHIP 0.35/0.26
OFA Good, Elbows Normal
prcd Carrier
BAER Normal
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WayOut's Dancing Barefoot
PennHIP 0.43/0.38
OFA Good, Elbows Normal
prcd Carrier
BAER normal
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Week One: June 18 | June 20 Week Two: June 28 Week Three: July 8
Week Four: July 12 Week Five: July 20 Week Six: July 30

June 28, 2012

Moomintroll again made the long journey across one or two blankets to return to the Blue Rabbit with the news. "Blue Rabbit," he squeaked. "We understand strength! Tell me how to break the curse so we can find our father and leave this Unknown Land!"

Moomintroll is frustrated with the
Blue Rabbit's advice.

The Blue Rabbit looked wise and still. The Blue Rabbit said, "You must learn patience."

     Sorry-oo thinks it will soon be time      for another snack break.

Moomintroll growled his frustration but turned and made the long journey back to his mother and siblings – again traveling over nearly a whole blanket or maybe two. "What did the Blue Rabbit say?" asked his siblings. Moomintroll sighed and said, "We must now learn patience. I think that will be very hard."

Hemulen finds patience hard work.

"Let's practice after lunch!" said Sorry-oo. After a good meal, all the puppies composed themselves and looked wise and still. They practiced for seconds or perhaps a minute. "I'm hungry!" said Sorry-oo. "Let's take a break and eat again!"

     Groke, Hemulen and Too-ticky are      very patient.

The puppies all scrambled for their snack and then composed themselves again to practice patience.

Hemulen finds the Unknown Land rather smelly.

"Hurry and practice harder!" exclaimed their mother, "so that we can leave this Unknown Land and return home!"

"This might take a day or two," said Too-Ticky, as he curled up with his brother and sister. Hemulen sniffed and whined, "It would be easier to practice if this Unknown Land weren't so smelly."

* *